How do I acess the page created only for anonymous user?

I have created 2 home pages. One for normal user and anothe one for anonymous user. I have done all the security things need to be done and made the production leve security. I want to access the anonymous page as an anonymous user but I dont know how to access that page. whenebver I run my application I always get the sign in page.
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Hi Harish


Have you set default login page as your custom page in Navigation?





Hi Harsh,


Go to Page Properties and you have a URL section there you can add your unique URL by which you can access.

for Ex. you can Access a page a like this  htpp://localhost:8080/p/details


You should navigate your page through the page URL by adding /p/{uniquename} after your application URL.


or if you want a custom login page as the default page for anonymous users follow this learning path :