Date picker not showing results for end date

I have 2 date picker widgets start date and end date when I set the date like 28th and 29th  i’m not getting results for 29th only for 28th are getting loaded and when I set the same date for start and end date no data is being fetched.
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Hi Nikhil Malalikar,

                                Check your entity having two different date and time attributes. Please check the attributes in the entity whether it is localized or not. If you have selected any time zone for the user role this thing happens. To solve this select the time zone for user role correctly and disable the localized option in the entity. If you want to use the system time zone you can use localize option in the entity but remember this can be used when the user role does not have any time zone configured in the administration overview page.


Not sure what your are trying to achieve.

I guess you have an entity with 2 attributes; StartDate & EndDate

You have a page with a dataview, containing to datapicker widgets connected to the StartDate and EndDate

Based on thse values you try to retrieve a set of records from the database.




Be aware that Date attributes contain a time component as well. When you select a date using the date picker, the time component is 00:00.

Secondly, if your dates are set to localize (default) then the dateTime value in the client is localized to the browser time. When using these attributes in a microflow for date comparison, the dateTime value is can be different. At app server level either the User timezone, project time zone or server time zone is used. Depending on difference between the timezones of your browser and timezone used at server level, your date can be different. + or – x amount of hours.

As third; the DateTime values are stored in the database as UTC . 


This module will explain you more how DateTime values are handled in Mendix;