Programmatically retrieving model information, such as Marketplace module info for my Mendix apps

Dear community,   I would like to programmatically retrieve model information, such as the AppStoreGuid and AppStoreVersion of all Marketplace modules in my applications. I know this can be done using the MPRTool, but this requires manual work and is not scalable, it needs to be done app by app.    I would like to automate this and create an overview of all my apps, including all module versions so I can compare it to the latest marketplace module versions. I feel like the Model SDK should be the way to go, does anyone have a TypeScript file that could accomplish this, or any other way? I tried reading the mpr file with the SQLite browser, but all information is stored in BLOBs which cannot directly be read.   Thanks in advance,
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I don’t suppose that you can read from mpr file outside of Mendix structure. I may have a solution for you.

First one when you deploy your project, mendix writes all dml and ddl scripts into log file during refreshing domain models for each modules inside the project. You can read this file to get your model information.

Second one is using directly database ER diagram tools, which is mostly built in on db tools.


I hope that helps


Thanks for your answer! In the end I realised the SDK was the easiest way to go, to make sure I always check the latest version of the app.