User can login on a page with their gmail id

Hi experts, I want a functionality where user can login through their gmail id(google id). If they do not have any gmail id then they can create an account in my mendix application.   We usually have an account overview where we create user accounts, but here I do not want any admin to perform this account creation.  I have a form in my application that users can fill out. Now there are 2 ways to get to that page. One ways is if the user has gmai account he can directly access that page using gmail account. If not that use need to create account in application using a registration sign in option. Can any one help me out to implement such functionality please?  
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Hello Harsh Bhanushali,

I hope your question is about login with Gmail account, if yes you can achieve this by implementing Google SSO. You can use this blog to know more:


If this is what you are looking for, I am happy to help you.

If not, you can reach me out with your queries.