how to insert different images to a different booking?

Hello Community,   I created a app where you can book a room. i tried different things but it doesn't work. i have also tried a file dropper but it doesn't show the image. how can i reference a file dropper (or other image features) from the newedit page to the overview page? 
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Hello Emre Yavuzer,

Let me explain you step by step.

  1. Inherit System.Image in your entity.
  2. Upload Image using Image Uploader.
  3. Commit the data.
  4. Show the data in list view. In order to view Image you can use Dynamic Image from toolbar.


Hope my answer helps.

If you have any queries, reach me out.


Hi Emre,

Create a Separate entity for your images and associate it with your booking entity. Create 1-1 association for your main image and create another 1-* association for your Description images. 

Add a File dropper widget in your Booking entity, Configure the widget properly, and the widget has the option to set the Association from the widget itself. 

So you will have two file droppers one for the main image and another for description images ( many images).


You generalize your New entity with the system. image or system. file  entity based on the upload and View component you are using.