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Hi all,   I have shared my entity details below. Users log their daily tasks in Taskactivity table. My requirement is I need to display data based on project for each user.  How do I achieve this.? Can someone help me with this.?      
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Hi Ramya, I had a similar requirement i have included my microflow please refer


Hi Ramya,

I am not sure if you have Association between Master Project and Account, if not you should create one so that you can see the projects assigned to Logged in user.

You will have to constrain your data, i.e  Only show Projects related to the logged-in user.


In the access rules of the project, the entity adds an Xpath constraint to only restrict the Project data


Add manual Xpath constraint in your data grid where you show the Project details.

Add two Columns on a page using Layout gird

  • In the First column add the data grid and Use any of the above options to constrain your data.
  • In the Second column add a Data view and use Listen to Widget as a data source and select the Datagrid. Inside the Data View add a view or another Data grid to show Your Task details.
  • Use Association as a source for the nested List View /Data grid and select your association TimesheetTaskActivity_2_MasterProjectTable2.


You can remove the Project name from the task entity since you can retrieve the project name from the association.



Hope it Helps!!