Microflow timer

Microflow timer is not stopping it is triggering microflow again and again even if microflow is returning false. Let me know what we can do to rectify this? 
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Hi Madhura,

there are a few things you can check to rectify the issue in Mendix:

  1. Check the microflow logic: Review the logic of the microflow and ensure that it is designed correctly. It is possible that the microflow is not returning false as expected, or there may be a loop or recursion that is causing the timer to keep triggering.

  2. Check the timer settings: Make sure that the timer settings are set correctly. You can check the interval of the timer, the start time, and the end time. Ensure that the timer is not set to repeat indefinitely.

  3. Check for other events: Check if there are other events or actions triggering the microflow. It is possible that another action or event is causing the timer to trigger repeatedly.

  4. Check the logs: Check the logs in Mendix to see if there are any errors or exceptions being thrown that may be causing the timer to malfunction.

  5. Debug the microflow: Debug the microflow to identify any issues that may be causing the timer to trigger repeatedly. You can use the debugger in Mendix to step through the microflow and identify any issues.

By checking these areas, you can identify the cause of the issue and take the necessary steps to rectify it.


If you’re still not able to get the issue,

You can set the log levels and put the Microflow engine to trace.. and you can trace the main issue.


Hope it helps!