Data refresh issue while editing the existing data

Hi Experts, My application has the feature to edit the created forms. From table  user clicking the edit icon and editing few data,they didn’t submit or cancel the changes instead they clicked Navigation menu. Here the change were getting saved though the submit microflow is not called.    In the table the updated value(data which was edited before submitting) is showing but after refreshing the browser it’s showing the correct data (data which was there before edit).   I tried to clear the cache but still the same issue is occurring. It would be helpful if any suggestions to resolve this issue.   Thanks in Advance!    
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The problem is that the value in memory is changed (but still not committed to the database). So only after a fresh retrieve from the database the correct value is shown. You could use a blocking popup instead for the edit. This way the user is unable to navigate away and has to either use cancel or save.