Address and postal code validation

Hi,   I want to integrate the address and postal code validation API with my project. For this, I tried using Address LookUp Service module – AddressServiceForNlByPDOK – I tried importing the second module in my App using Studio Pro 9.23.0. But I am unable to open it as it is created in version 7.1.0. Below is the screenshot of the error I got.   I tried downloading Version 7.1.0 and tried opening the module package. But I am not getting how to open a module package. Also, I am searching if there are any other modules which help in address and postal code validation. Please help me in this regard.    
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You need to create a project a mendix version mentioned (8.12.0 – 8.18.99)

Then add the module via the marketplace.

Close the project and open the project with your current project version 9.21.0, this will upgrade the module to this version (might need to fix any errors that occur).

Then export the module package.

Open the project where you need the module and import the exported module and you are done.