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microflow for adding name and id in format of(Name-Id)
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I suggest you start at academy.mendix.com by taking the free Rapid Developer training: https://academy.mendix.com/link/paths/31/Become-a-Rapid-Developer 

The question (or rather comment you make) you ask is basic knowledge that you can gain in this training.


Good luck!


To achieve this you would first need to have the object/objects that contain the “Name” and “Id” information available in your microflow. This would be done with a retrieve of the object or adding an input parameter to the microflow with the needed information. Based on your question I cant tell if you want to save the information or just display it. 

Once you have the object that contains the needed name and Id information you can join them by creating a string variable. $Account/Name + '-' + $Account/_ID. 

However I am also not sure if the Id you are referring to is the actual Mendix GUID of an object. If it is, you can use a java action in community commons module  called getGUID and replace $Account/_ID in the variable with the return value of the getGUID action.

I would also recommend you to follow the Academy course as most of the above would be straight forward with some basic knowledge.