Hiding Gallery Pagination

Hi there, I don't want to show gallery pagination to make the screen look nicer. So I changed from paging button to virtual scrolling. Then the scrollbar always appears horizontally, even though it seems to be wide enough. Is there any way to make this not show up because it is annoying to see it on every object? Or is there an alternative using other tools? Thanks in advance. BR, Kazuki Abe
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Hi Kazuki,


You can use some customize CSS for vertical sorolling or other UX.


For my opinion, I will use List View instead of Gallery, and use some CSS class to make the content vertical scorlling and more than 1 item per row. for example:

  • To set 2 items horizontal add the class lv-col-md-6 to the listview.
  • 3 items in the row : lv-col-md-4
  • 4 items in the row : lv-col-md-3  etc.