Microflow to change color of datagrid cell based on user input

Hello all, I am still learning mendix and have a question. I want to set up a microflow to allow a user to change the color of a cell in a datagrid 2, or maybe the color of the border. I had seen something similar in a couple sample builds but couldnt figure out how it was done. I wanted to know if anyone can point me in the right direction of how I could set this up with a Microflow or if I need a Nanoflow or if it isnt possible. I included a picture of my datagrid 2 table for reference. Any feedback would help alot!
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How is your table build? Is it build dynamically, so it has 2 listviews (1 for the rows and inside of it 1 for the columns)?


In that case, each cell is represented by a entity (probably a view object).

Now you can start working with dynamic classes for the styling based on that object.

If a attribute is true/false, give it a red background or border.


You have to refresh the table or cell to make this work.