Prefilling atrributes from different associations

Entities: Klant Contract Aansluiting   I have a Listview1 with all the ‘Klanten’. Then I have a dataview1 that listens to Listview1 with all sorts of information. Inside that dataview I have a Listview4 over association Contract_Klant/Contract. That gives me all the contracts of the client of Listview1.   Then I have a Dataview 3 listens to Listview4. Inside Dataview3 I have a listview6 over association Aansluiting_Contract/aansluiting. That gives me all the Aansluitingen of the contract of  Listview4 1 Klant can have multiple Contracten 1 Contract can have multiple Aansluitingen   Inside Dataview 3 I have a button to add an Aansluiting. The button calls a microflow A part of the page the microflow calls: For now I have the reference selector to choose the Klant en the Contract. But obviously I would like to have that prefilled with the Contract from Listview4 and the Klant from Listview1. I tried a lot, but so far nothing worked.  
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Hi Christine,


you can add the Contract and the Klant as input parameters for the microflow, where you create the newAansluiting. And add them in the create Aansluiting action.

Edit: Or if Klant is not available, only use Contract as input parameter and retrieve the Klant over association.


Hello Christine Roggeveen,


Did your Microflow not have an Aansluiting object as a Microflow parameter?

If not you can add a microflow parameter (Aansluiting entity ).

Now in your New object, you can set the association values from the microflow Parameter since the new Aansluting object will have the same Klant and contract as the previous  Aansluting object ( which is your Microflow parameter) .

Good Luck !!


Hi Roy,

Almost there. The microflow looks like this now. 

I know what I did wrong, but don't now how to get to the right Klant and ContractID.

I retrieve Klant and Contract from database. But then I get a list. So that's why I took the firtst Klant and the first ContractID. But I need the Klant/Contract I'm adding a Aansluiting to. I thinkt that's the last problem now. The prefilling works now, but only with the wrong information.