DataGrid 1 Date Range Search Field

Hello Experts,   I’m using the “Datagrid 1”  and I have an attribute as “Created-ON” which stores the data when object was created (Created Date). For my case in search field i want “From-Date & To-Date” range with the single attribute “Created-ON”. So in search field i used the range option and kept the “Created-On” attribute in both Lower bond & Upper bond for both From-Date & To-Date. I need to know whether we can put same attribute in Lower bond & Upper bond or not.         Answers are much appreciated!!!
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I have always found that range thing rather confusing. It does not do what you would expect: provide two inputs to use a range search on a single date attribute.


I usually put two normal searches on the same attribute: Date from, comparison greater or equal and the other, Date to, comparison smaller or equal

The user then sees two date filters and can use one or both.