Access to offline files in PWA app

I'm trying to retrieve url for System.Image that is stored locally on the device after sync. I'm calling the function ( from a javascript action):, changedDate, false)  and we have configured the Mendix Service Console, the Public application root URL configuration looks like this http://myServerName/offline/ We got an error (404 FILE_NOT_FOUND) since the path ( autogenerated from the mendix api ) is wrong filesystem:http://myServerName/offline/temporary/files/documents/31525197391593576@1680707953393?168… In case you remove the /offline/ section ( from the URL ) then I'm able to get from the local storage the image The right one should be filesystem:http://myServerName/temporary/files/documents/31525197391593576@1680707953393?168… PS: the same issue using the Image Viewer widget Do you have any idea?
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