When deselecting one user role on page access, no roles have access

I'm working on a small app that has three user roles: ‘Administrator’, ‘Gastheer’ and ‘User’. Accounts with the role user, shouldn't be allowed to view a page in the navigation tab that allows you to edit venues. However, when i deselect the access for the user role, no account can access this page. Only the admin account can, not the roles ‘Administrator’ and ‘Gastheer’.    I decided to do it like this with the page, after i couldn't get the ‘New’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons to disappear for the role ‘User’. But this is just the same story. It doesn't work and either all roles or no roles have access. Does anyone know what could be causing this or what i could do to solve this? Page access or page visibility settings haven't proven to be useful for me, as they lead to the same result: either nobody can see it, or everyone. 
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Hi Misha, 

I can't see your model but this might have something to do with your application security settings. Seeming from your use case it could be that you have connected the wrong Application Roles to the Module Roles.

Let's say you've defined a "gastheer” in the application security role but connected that one to the module role “user” the logged in Gastheer will only have “user” permessions in that module, eventough he is a “gastheer” in the application.

Check your “application security and see if these are matched correctly:

Let me  know if this helped!