BUG? Missing connector attributes on datagrid

When i was making a datagrid and let the contents be automatically filled, i needed a column that referenced the ID of a Properties entity it had a 1 – * relation with and from there it should've picked attributes from an Document entity where the Properties entity had a 1 – 1 relation with. Which i didn't see at all when trying to select the ID attribute of the Document entity inside the column.  After a good amount of removing and readding a column (for reasons i wont delve deeper in) the connector for the Document entity and all its attributes showed up, i still have no idea how it happened but it just did.  Though when making a new column i had to repeat the exact same process of deleting and adding inorder to get the Document entity. After that small ordeal i wanted to see if dataview was also somehow affected by this, but it didn't. I can reference attributes with ease from there, but when using a datagrid i could barely select any attribute.   Is this a bug or did i overlook something?   UPDATE: Realised my post didn't really have a clear direction so here's how to replicate it:   My Domain model is as the following: As you can see the Property entity has a 1-* (one to many association) to Properties, which has a 1-1 relation with the Document entity.      I've made a new datagrid using Property as its source.. Connector says i can only select attributes within the Property entity while i already should be able to select attributes from the Document entity cause of the 1-1 relation that Properties has.   Now i'll make another datagrid using Document as its entity source this time. None of the Property attributes show up, should make sense since according to the Property datagrid as that couldn't access any of the Document attributes either.   Now if i bind any column to an attribute on an association.. Were to drag that column inside the Property datagrid..   Add an random attribute to the Properties entity..   Makes you able to select attributes inside the Document entity! Even if you were to delete the random attribute in the Properties entity, the column still retains its selected attribute without any trouble. Though the same cant be said for the other columns..   This bug(?) only happens when you have an empty information entity.
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