Cannot create deployment package

Hi Mendix experts:   When I want to create deployment package in Mendix Studio Pro v9.15.1.   The error popuped:     Anyone met this? How to fix it?   Thanks
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  • Check if you have the necessary permissions to create a deployment package. You may need to have administrator access to perform this action.

  • Make sure that all the required modules are included in the deployment package. You can check this by going to the Project Explorer in Mendix Studio Pro and verifying that all the necessary modules are included.

  • Check if there are any errors or warnings in the project. You can do this by clicking on the "Validate" button in the toolbar. If there are any errors, you need to resolve them before creating the deployment package.


Did you commit through GIT/SVN outside of Mendix?

It seems that the error reads ‘the version string cannot be parsed’.

This happens when you commit outside of Mendix Studio Pro.


What you can do is do a simple commit through Mendix.

This will give you commit the correct Version String in the commit text.

From there you can make a good deployment package