File Name Disappears From File Uploader

Hello All,   I am experiencing an issue with the file uploader widget where the selected file's name disappears from the widget after a user triggers a microflow on the page. This gives the impression that the file has been removed, even though it has actually been committed to the database. Upon investigating, I discovered that the widget's default behavior is to commit the selected file to the database and remove it from the uploader, regardless of whether the microflow changed or committed the entity associated with it. In the screenshot below you can see that upon changing the enum value an on change microflow has triggered and that lead to the name getting disappeared from the widget but the file is still there in the system which is shown with the message below it.   I am wondering if there is a solution to this problem?
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Hello, Shreyash


We ran into similar problem a few years ago with Mendix 8.x. It is the file uploader widget's default functionality, as you described. If so, there isn't much we can do. To get around this, we decided to display the submitted file name outside of the file uploader. We used text widget and gave it the parameter filename.