How to pass static parameters to a microflow

Hi, my name is Jeymi and I’m new in the comunity. My team and I are building an app to manage organization risks, and now we are working on a dashboard. The problem is that we need to pass the values of “Probabilidad” and “Impacto” (for example: “Muy probable” and “Insignificantes”) to a Microflow when we clic on the number that belong to that quadrant (Example: 6)     We have this configuration, and we don´t know how to do that. Does anybody know if this is possible?   Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Jeymi Katherine Cordova
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Hi Jeymi,


I see in the caption that you use a variable? So then the value will be in an object? Can't you use the object and use the value that is shown on the screen? That should hold that exact number.

Hence if you use the Object also used in the caption as a parameter for the microflow you should have that value.