Using addEventListener method in JavaScript snippet

Hi,   I am trying to use JavaScript snippet widget for calling a function after loading the page. Wrote “addEventListener” method to the code, but the function is not called. Is there any restriction in using this in JavaScript snippet, or in Mendix Studio Pro? Or if there are any other ways to solve, it would be appreciated if you let me know.   Thanks in advance.
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    As per my knowledge there are a few things that could be causing the issue:

1.Firstly, make sure that you have added the JavaScript code to the "Execute JavaScript" section of the widget. You can do this by opening the properties pane for the widget, scrolling down to the "General" section, and entering your JavaScript code in the "Execute JavaScript" text box.

2.Next, ensure that the syntax of your "addEventListener" method is correct— 

window.addEventListener('load', function() {
  // your function code here

3.Lastly, check if there are any errors or conflicts with other JavaScript code on your page that may be preventing your code from executing. You can use the browser's developer tools to inspect the console log for any errors.