Warning message saying that project is already opened in another instance but I cant find it.

Hi, when I tried to opened to opened my app, I’m getting a warning message that it is already open in another instance of Mendix Studio Pro. However, I have checked and I can’t see the other instance. I have tried to restart and also shutdown my pc but I am still getting the same warning. I am using Studio Pro 9.23.0 Any solutions?
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When the Mendix app is running, if you force close studio pro or you kill the studio pro using your Task Manager(windows) this happens.

I assume that when it does happen you get a Open Anyway option isnt it? when you click and continue the app can open normally i presume.


From then onwards you should not have any issues.


Its just a warning for you to CLEAN CLOSE your studio pro window and the running process for the app.