Data grid to Data grid 2 conversion for Administration.Account

Hi,    Throughout my application, I have been using the data grid 2, as it is more configurable then the old data grid. However, I came across an issue when converting the Administration.Account overview data grid. The data grid shows the column ‘Roles’ with path ‘System.UserRoles/System.UserRole/System.UserRole.Name’, however this path is not available for data grid 2.   Can someone explain me why it is not available and how I can easily make it available, without changing too much?
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Data grid 2 is currently not supporting to show attributes where you navigate over many to many associations, the UserRole association is many to many.

You could use a column with ‘custom content’ instead of an attribute and than place a listview in that column where you show a list of the userrole names over the association. 

Note that you will be unable to filter this column. 

Hope that helps