Needs to show image/icon while entering value in text field

Hello Everyone,   I have some text box fields with decimal data type . You can see below image. I want to show image or icon inside the text box filed or infront of the text box field or anywhere else just relative to the text box field. The image or icon should be according to the value of the text field that user will enter. E.g, User will enter 10.50 so I will show image to them just as a alert message. Does anyone know how can I resolve it? Please let me know. I would appreciate it. Thank you!   
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Hi Asad,


Not sure about an image inside the text field, but what you can try is an outer layout grid with 2 columns to achieve your current look. Inside the columns is an inner layout grid with 2 columns, the one contains your input box (size: auto-fill) and the other your images (size: auto-fit content). Then apply conditional visibility on your images.