CE1613 The selected entity RESTconsume.Root no longer exists

Hi,    We are trying to retrieve data via an REST API. I made an import mapping with the help of the following documentation: https://docs.mendix.com/howto8/integration/consume-a-rest-service/ I now get the following 2 erros in Mendix:  - CE1613 The selected entity 'RESTconsume.Root' no longer exists - CE1613 The selected association 'RESTconsume.Root_Input' no longer exists   In the Mendix documentation, where they use the Wikipedia REST API as an example, the Root entity is filled with data. This is however not the case in our situation. Therefor I deleted the Root entity and made an direct association with the Data entity. Also the Root entity doesn't get used in any of the pages or microflows.  Is the Root entity perse necessary for the import mapping or can we solve these errors in another way?  If the Root entity is necessary, can I then use the attributes from the Data entity?    Thanks!
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This could be a permissions issue.  Do any users have permissions to create, view and delete the entities created for the integration?

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Hello Dominic,

Though i cant say with absolute certainty;

From my expierence using a non-persistable Root entity is mandatory if you plan to retrieve a list.

If you only plan on posting files or retrieving (a single) file you can make a separate Import mapping and JSON structure like this:

Here's my model domain: