Determine whether entered value is integer or date

Hi Guys,   I have a requirement where I have a text box to accept the values and want to check whether the value is string , date time or integer. Could you please guide me here to implement the same. Thank you in advance
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Good day Abrar


it can be really difficult to manage a string value in this way because the user can just type in anything. But if you really must use a solution like this you will need to do the following. 

  • You can use a on leave event microflow or just a validation microflow from a button action.
  • The validation microflow should check the string by using the substring function or contains function to check what you have or if you can use the string value.
  • After the validation sub microflow you need to direct the result to a parse microflow that will then change the string value into the format you want and save it on the matching attribute.  

This method solution will be a lot of work if you do not limit the scope of the string value. So my suggestion would still be to change the frontend pages to use the specific value types directly linked to entity attributes.