Read Data from uploaded file

Hello everyone,   currently I created an app that allows the user to upload files via a button called “attach files”, which then displays the uploaded file’s name and date uploaded. Now, a piece of functionality I can’t get working is the “Show Data” button. What I want to do with this button is it to show the contents of the file. This can either show view of what’s in the file, or the contents of the JSON file in something like a data view. I very much prefer the later if possible. Right now it’s just showing a blank version of this when I click the button: So it’s only showing the “Page header title” and “supporting text” parts.   What I’m trying to do is link the client_information_page (FileDocument) entity to the JsonObject entity, so I can output all of the information from the FIleDocument onto the Client_information_page_View above.   Here’s the Domain Model:   Is there anyway I can do this? I’m rather new to Mendix and I’m kind of lost on where to go from here.   Thanks in advance,   Aaron.
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You could use the StringToFile java action in the CommunityCommons module and store the result in an unlimited string attribute. Not sure if this is the best idea though, maybe check for file size and such before you dump a lot of data into browser memory.