Needs to update data from another database to my database

I am working on a project where I have some data e.g; Supplier Number, Supplier Name. But that data is also available in another project (Website) e.g; Supplier Number, Supplier Name. What I need, if someone update the data from another project which is the main project of my organization then the update should be reflect into my project also. Does anyone know how can I achieve this task? What kind of kind do I need into another project?
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That all depens on what the other system can do. Can this system expose that data as a webservice or as OData? Because then you can call this webservice whenever you want to synchronize those tables. On the Mendix side you can do a lot. Mendix can be the oil between all kinds of legacy systems. But it all depends on the way thtat the other systems can expose or export that data.