Slowness issue when doing an Xpath retrieval inside a data grid after Mendix 9.24.2 Upgrade

Hi,  I’ve recently upgraded my app from Mendix 8.18.23 to Mendix 9.24.2  While testing, I’ve discovered a page with 4 data grids where I was retrieving a fair amount of data via XPath retrievals. In the old version of Mendix, it worked pretty fast, whereas in this new version, it takes A LOT of time.    Has anyone else encountered this and has any idea how it can be improved?   Kind regards, Razvan
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Without knowledge of your model it’s difficult to provide specifics, but it might be a good start to turn on some logging on the Connectionbus node to reiew the SQL statements that are being created, this might provide some valuable insight into the differences between the 2 versions and a possible path to a solution.