How to open two modules with different apps simultaneously.

Hi I am building these two apps in the same app explorer(they are in different modules). I have been trying to open them (run them locally) so I can see if the state of the apps but only one of them is showing which is BYUSA and the other is failing to open. Is there a way I can open both modules? Or just open one after another? I have tried to run them on different ports on the URLs (didn’t work) but there is not a lot of information on this as well. Thank you!   This picture shows what i have so far. BYUSA is the first module and YServe is the second one.  If you can help me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!  
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Hi Minhoru,


As far as I know it is not possible to build two apps in one app explorer.  When you build and run your app in the Mendix app explorer it will only ever create a single runtime environment.  If you wish to have 2 apps running simultaneously you will need to create 2 mendix projects and if they need to exchange data you can integrate them together with Data Hub(soon to be called Mendix Connect).

In this case I would take a step back and ask you an application architecture question.  What is your use case and what is the limiting factor of having a single application that makes you think that you need two applications?


Danny Kumpf