Calling object from other page to one page

I created an App for my events company. I added 2 pages: 1- Events 2- Balloons Store. 1- Events: I add the details of the event, however When selecting balloons colors, it comes from the Balloons Store page.   I want to add a text field that shows me the Balloons quantity for the balloon color I have selected, and another text field that allows me to enter the number of the balloons I want to use for this event and then deduct from the balloon's quantity in the balloons store page.   Can anyone help?    Version Mendix : 9.24.2
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Hi Zeid,

I hope this helps you.

I created one entity

I created an overview page where I can fill in the Color and the Quantity.

I created another page with a list view (parameter Balloon) on the left. 

On the right I created a dataview, listening to the listview on the left

On the right sight I added a save button. That button listens to a microflow.


First I created a variabele

Then I Change Object


The result is that you click on the color of the balloon on the left side. You fill in the number of balloons you used. Click Save and the Quantity number will be set to the orininal quantity number minus the number of balloons you used.

If you want to add balloons, because you bought new ones, you can add an extra field but with the Value of the Quantity the other way around. 


I hope this helps you. If so, please accept the answer. Good luck 

PS I see that the images are pretty large. Please scroll to the right if you cannot see them full.