Changes to behavior Core. initializeSession in Mendix Cloud?

I have been using a Java action that logs in the user for the last couple of years in my app. It still works perfectly locally but does not anymore on the TEST environment on the Mendix cloud.   We are currently on 9.24.2. Is anyone aware of any breaking changes on “Core.initializeSession” . It feels weird that it still works locally but not anymore in the cloud.
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Apparently there is a change from version 9.20 on. I found that when checking the newest version of the ForgotPassword module. 


String[] mxVersion = RuntimeVersion.getInstance().toString().split("\\.");
						if (Integer.parseInt(mxVersion[0]) >=9 && Integer.parseInt(mxVersion[1]) >= 20) {
							//use reflection to call the addCookie method with 7 parameters, which was added in 9.20	
							Class[] methodSignature = {String.class, String.class, String.class, String.class, int.class, boolean.class, boolean.class};
							Method addCookie = response.getClass().getMethod("addCookie", methodSignature);
							addCookie.invoke(response, Core.getConfiguration().getSessionIdCookieName(), session.getId().toString(), "/", "", -1, true, true);
						} else {
							response.addCookie(Core.getConfiguration().getSessionIdCookieName(), session.getId().toString(), "/", "", -1, true);

Does anyone have more information on what exactly was changed in 9.20?