Solving error

Hey, For school I’ve to build an app in Mendix 9.12.4. So I wanted to follow along with the tutorial ‘Build a Restaurant Booking App with Low-Code’. I have downloaded the project files of the tutorial but its gives an error. Does anyone know how i can solve this error? The version of the tutorial is 8.14.1
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Hello Mohammed Mahamoud,
It seems the ‘Nanoflow Commons’ module and ‘Native Mobile Resources’ module in your modular is not suitable for the mendix version that you are currently working on. Hence you need to replace those modules with the updated versions from the marketplace. The below image will help you to navigate to the marketplace.

Hope this helps you!


Hi Mohammed Mahamoud,

Please download ‘Nanoflow Commons’ and ‘Native Mobile Resources’ modules from marketplace into your application.
It will work.