Show progress bar inside the Microflow

Hi Team,   I would like to know is it possible to show progress bar when some operation is performed inside the microflow? I already know that when I call the microflow have inbuilt microflow setting option. But this is not the case for me because I am calling microflow from custom widget. I just need to show some gif/progress bar from start to end of microflow. How it can easily be achieved? Please suggest.    Background: I have a form which has data source as microflow. This microflow performs some checks before form is opened. User is not aware of if something is running in background.
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Hi Raghavendra,


Yes, you can use a Nanoflow for this. You start with the “show Progress” Activity, then you can call you microflow, and as least the “hide Progress” Activity.

Like in the Picture below :-)


Hope this helps,