Saving to a list view can not be the same person approving the save

Hello,   My problem is I want to save objects to a list view but currently they sit in a different list view to be approved. I want some logic that means if the current user submitted the object to the list view they cannot approve their own object. It should do a check on the current user and then see who the requested username was.  Please see my start attempt below where i am trying to use a decision to either save the object or block it from saving  FYIA   
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Hello Jack,


Add an association to the entity account, when you create the object set the association with the creator/owner.


As Damir suggested you can also use the owner function on entity level, this is however not very flexible. Because  let's say for example the owner has to change because someone will leave the company or what ever. Then you might want to change the owner later in the process,  therefor it is better to be in control yourself then depend on a system value.


When you have set the association you can use this in your exclusive split to validate or to use for visibility on screen.


Good luck :)


Hi Jack,


You can store the owner of the object. This is the user who created this Object

Can be done in the entity, right in the Corner. 

Just set the checkbox "store 'owner'


In your microflow check if the current user is = owner.

If so, show a Notifaction that this isnt possible. Otherwise commit.


Hope this Helps,