Excel Import Failing at Java Script action

Hello, I am currently working on a project and have been trying to import using the Excel Importer module. I have refreshed the needed entities and microflows using MxModelReflection, but have been getting an error. It has to do with the Java Action called “StartImportByTemplate” on the microflow “IVK_ImportTemplateDocument”. I have not altered any of the microflows or pages included in the Excel Importer Module. I included an image of the log error I get when trying to import. Any help is much appreciated!    Edit: Added in is the new error message showing up
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You probably have a different versions of the same .jar file in your userlib folder. Looking at the error message I would assume it’s one of the poi or org.apache.poi jar files.

The solution is to look for the jar file with the same name but different version numbers. Keep the ones with the highest version number, delete the others.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this by hand, there is a tool that tries to do it automatically.

Good luck!