Maximum length on string input field doesnt seem to work?

I have a string input field. Here I want to set a custom maximum length on the field. When I set it, it doesn't save my change and ‘Maximum length’ still shows as ‘Attribute length’.   Maybe I'm doing something wrong?    Version 9.24.2
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Hi there,


Unless I’m misreading your question, the custom length appears to override the attribute length. Doing some tests with both text box and text area, I wasn’t able to enter any text above the custom length when creating new objects: 


However, when trying to edit existing objects, the text box custom length doesn’t appear to enforce the limit. But the text area widget does enforce it:



So, when creating a new object, both text box and text area work. But when editing existing objects, only the text area appears to enforce the custom length. It appears to be a limitation when the text box?


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