Java Action - Get Value of Object Attribute by Specifying Attribute as String

Is there a method somewhat similar to the retrieveByPath and createXPathQuery methods in the Core class that could be used to get the value of an object’s attribute by specifying the attribute as a string?  I’m imagining something like this:   PrimitiveType value = Core.getAttribute(entity.getMendixObject(), attributeString);     While I normally would just use that entity’s getters defined in its proxy, I’m in a tough situation where the value of another entity’s attribute is used to determine which attribute of entity1 to look up.  In other words:   The value of $entity2.Attribute is “First_Name”, so I then want to get $entity1.First_Name for a single entity1 object.   I’m ok with rework if there’s a better way to implement such logic, but if there’s simply a method I’m overlooking, I’d rather go that route.
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For use in Java, proxy classes are generated for any specific Mendix object. These classes have a  getMendixObject property to get the iMendixObject instance


So: someObject.getMendixObject.getValue(<string>)