I want to create a Q&A board.

We created search, write, detail, and delete buttons through the data grid. I would like to create an additional button called reply so that when I click on a post, it will bring up a page that allows me to reply to the post, and when I reply, it will create a new post, can you help me? I tried to create it personally, but the post is created, but there is no difference with the question post.
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An example of a solution could be:

  1. Create a self-reference to the Post entity in your domain model, you can name it Post_ReplyingTo for example.
  2. Add an action button to the datagrid with a Microflow connected to it.
  3. Send the selected Post (question) as parameter to the Microflow.
  4. Create a new Post (answer) and set the Post_ReplyingTo reference to the original Post (question)
  5. Show a page that shows the newly created post (answer), and the original post (question) over the association Post_ReplyingTo.

Hope this helps!