How to fetch values in the ProfileEdit Page in Mendix?

I have created a page called ProfileEdit. When the user logs in then he can see their names, email, passwd and all the details but the values are not being displayed. I had fetched the attribute name but then also I can’t see the values their. I am trying to fetch the value from the registration entity when the user gives their detail in the registration page then I want their values to be displayed in the profile page. But I am unable to achieve this. Can anyone help me with this ?
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So this is a question on where and when do you store your data. Then you need to show the entity on the profile page that holds that data. 

In general a setup like this would look like:

1. You create a registration page where the user fill in his details
2. When the user submits you transfer the data into a Profile entity, you relate this profile to the account entity
3. When the user goes to the profile new edit page you retrieve the profile data from the account of the current user and show the details on that page.

Hope this helps!