autonumber always starting from 1 on each object

Good Afternoon, I have a page that creates meeting minutes. when creating minutes you can write the notes. I need there to be a reference field and for each meeting I want it to start with the ref 1, then go up by 1 for each note that is added to that meeting. Currently it is just carrying on regardless of which meeting notes it is in. It is currently set up as autonumber in the entity, which I am assuming is wrong. Any ideas on how I get this to work?   Hopefully I make sense.   Many thanks  
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Hi there,


An alternative solution could be to calculate the number with a microflow.


From the Save button on the notes page, you could call the following microflow:



Where I’ve counted the number of note objects that an event (meeting in your scenario) has:


Finally, changing the note object to add the new number:



This of course works with the assumption that a user cannot delete the note objects.


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Thanks both for your help. I have managed to get it to work.


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Thank you for your response Liam. I am trying to do what you have suggested but it is coming up with an error. Screen shots below. There is no option for Attribute when trying to count, is that an issue? Anything I am doing wrong?


Thanks for any help.