I need to develop an app .I have some confusion in developing that app. I need a smooth flow of execution.

Initially I have the developed app employee supervisor query app. I have made the basic pages and microflowsetc.,. I need to make the app in the sense that when the supervisor login the page he must be able to see his department queries alone and he have to approve or reject and this action make the query to displace in another page and the status also to be changed from pending to accepted or rejected. I have tried many ways.Please tell me the exact steps to make it.
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Hi Tharun, you can use  x-path in the data source of the list view for the entity to show the pending one. for that add an Enumeration attribute(Status(attributeName) to the  entity. The enumeration values Pending ,Approved , Rejected.  use the following x-path query to restrict the supervisor to see the pending one in that page that you want, use the following flow (list view ->list view properties->Data source ->x-path)   [Status='Pending]. In the same for to see the another page to restrict the data for approved follow the same path in another page (list view ->list view properties->Data source ->xpath) as   [Status='Approved'] , for to see the rejected one in a page  follow the path to edit (list view ->list view properties->Data source ->xpath) as   [Status='Rejected']


Hi Tharun, Lets say you have setup your Domain Model like this: Department_User is 1 to many association. User_Queries is 1 to many association. If you have assigned a role based page for Supervisor, use the below XPath on the Queries list: