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HI Team , how can i use deeplinks and how i can able to genreate dynamic URL ? Please tell how can i install it and use . I have tried through documentation but not able to install it . Please tell stepwise procedure it will be really helpful Thanks
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Pratham Pundir


Step1 : Create A New App 

Step2: Download the Deep Link Module 

Step3: Configuration Setup 

  1. Go to the Setting ->Runtime Tab (Select the StartDeepLink Microflow in After Startup Field) 

  1. Click ok. 

  1. Go to the Navigation tab -> Change the default home page in to DeepLinkHome Microflow. 

  1.  Add the DeepLinkConfigurationOverview Snippet to your Custome page. 

  1. Add the DeepLinkExampleOverview Snippet to your Custome page. 

  1. Make Sure that all the users Who Operate the app Can access this Page. You need to add the DeepLink.Admin Module Role to their User Roles. 

  1. Add the Custome Pages to navigation or Home Web page. Configuration Settup is Finished. 

  1. Include Home_ReponsiveProfile Microflow in Deeplink Module, in that microflow Show page Activity Change the Page Your Module Home Web Page 

  1. In Navigation Edit the Role-based Home page, Select New Add the User Role and Add the target to by creating a new microflow as  Deeplink 






Step4: Create a Microflow 

  1. Create a Microflow Add ShowPage Activity in that Activity Select any overview page in your App. 


Step5: Run Your App. 

Step6: Go to DeepLinkConfigurationOverviewPage  


Step7: Click New Button Enter the Name For Your URL. And Click the Select Button And Select Your Showpage Microflow In Your Module. 

Step8: And Click the Save button. 

Step9: The URL Will be Generated, Now Click the URL Your Targeted Overview Page Will Be Shown. 


HI Pradeep ,

Thanks for your response . Can you please tell me more about this step , which i have attached in this screenshot