How To Remove Symbol - after Application Name

Hi All  In page Properties i have removed title of the page due to requirement, but when i am navigating through different pages in browser after application name i am getting symbol ‘-’ like this APPLICATION NAME – , After application name i want remove the symbol is it possible, if yes can any share solution thanks in advance.  
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You can use this widget from the marketplace:


Or you can create a simple javascript action to be used in a nanoflow:

const title = "some new page title";
document.title = title;



I believe this is hard-coded in mxui.js, so it won’t be easy to change.

If you change it in mxui.js, this is part of the Mendix installation (not the app) and so it will be changed for all apps created with that version

The place to change is:

f.after(this._contentForm, "onNavigation", (()=>{
                    const t = e.profile + " - " + n._contentForm.title;