Filter Correct in Datagrid 2

I have a Problem with filtering the wanted data. I have this Dataview with a Datagrid 2 in it. Datagrid 2 Source is Associated with Projekt 1-* So now i want to filter for the name of the given source in datagrid 2, but i dont figure out how. I am not able to config the drop down filter to manage this     Anyone Suggestions?
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I think the issue is you’re trying to use a drop down filter instead of a text filter (I’m just guessing cause I can’t see your data types)


Drop Down filter only works for attributes that are set to enumeration type.

Text Filter is used for string types.


If it is a enumeration type you should be able to turn on automatic options in the filter settings. 


When you download Data Widgets you get data grid 2 + a few filter widgets. Just drag and drop the correct data type into your column where it says “Place filter widget here”


Hello Dominik,


I'm not totally sure what you mean with your question so my 2 cents:


You already get the data over the association between project and roboter. So it already is filtered on that specific project.


If you want to add a filter based on a association within datagrid2:

  1. Select the attribute (name) you want to use
  2. Select the reference
  3. Use a datasource with the available options
  4. Fill in the caption
  5. Add dropdown filter