Addition of datepicker field on button click

I have a form in which there is an ADD button Icon. My requirement is when I click the button date-picker (LOP Date) field gets added below the ADD button. If I click 5 times, then 5 date-picker fields (LOP Date) should be added. whatever date-picker field comes on button click, I should be able to count and put that in one of the TextBox.   I added the nano-flow on the button click. not able to move further. I was thinking about condition visibility also. But didn't work for me.   Currently, I'm working on the 9.24.2 version.    
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Hi Prince! Will you be fetching the date value from somewhere in the database or you would like the user to input the value?

You can use a list view in this case. The list view will display all the available LOP dates. If no dates are available, the list will be empty, it will start populating as you add dates. You can create a new LOP Date object for every click on the add button. As soon as the button is created, the list view will display the newly created field.

Try this:

Domain Model:






Hope this helps.


It worked for me Neel. Thanks