How to refresh data using a Microflow

Hi, so my problem is that I have this form where I want the user to be able to refresh the data once they have saved their info. I have different attributes as part of it but it hasn’t worked the way I want it. As you can see below, the ones highlighted are the ones that I want them to refresh to empty once the user has saved their info. For some reason, program and account do that and refresh themselves (i used a custom dropdown for both). I tried adding a microflow to their on change events so it would retrieve the data and then save to the database and then change the object to empty. But it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas on how can I fix this? I am adding my microflow as well.  
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Which object are you using for EAF on the page?


In the microflow you are passing an EAF object as a parameter, then you are retrieving another from the database and changing that. I suspect you actually want to change the EAF object you are passing into the microflow.

I hope this helps.