Issue/Error After Converting/Upgrading Version from 9.24.1 to 9.24.2, Native Mobile Application

Hello Everyone,   We are working on Native Mobile Application using Mendix, Initially we were Using Studio Pro 9.24.1 and everything was working fine before, after that we need to upgrade to Version 9.24.2 using ‘Mendix Convert in Place Feature’.   Now the code is not working as before on Native Mobile Android Application, on Native Mobile IOS Application this problem is not there.   As a result of which, we need to Clear Cache/Clear Data of Android Native Mobile Application using Android Settings everytime, whenever we try to run/launch it locally on Android Mobile, else it shows message to ‘Restart or Close App’.   Another Things which we have observed after Upgrade is inside Nanoflow, basic Retrieve Activity are not working as before, as an example we are Retrieving Region/s in Nanoflow from DB without any Xpath Contraint, but it is giving empty, although DB has those regions.   Not sure What’s the cause.  But ClearCache/Clear Data from Android Native App is a long time consuming process to launch Native App everytime.   Please let us know, if someone has any clue on this.   Thanks Dherendra
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