unknown error on API call

i am making an api rest call and error handling is enabeld to catch any errors. but waht i see is that it reports “unknown error “ popup, but the task does not get killed and actually gets completed.  While all this happens there is no error coming from error handler. anyone seen this behavior, on why this happens ?   again, the task gets completed, but the popup “unknown error” comes up when this api call gets triggered..  no errors in the logs as well. another thing, this is not an issues when on studio pro, but this error only comes when on a VM.  but again, other REST api calls work fine to the same api server.
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This one is resolved by adding a new microflow to call the api instead of calling in the same microflow. . when i do this the error stopped showing up.  strange but, no idea what the issue is though. anyways its working now..