Date Time showing wrong time

Hi, I have a problem with the dateTime.   In ma database I have for example this entry: Now in Mendix i have a DataGrid with DataSource Microflow. In this Microflow i have an SQL Query for Retrieving the Infos from the database. AS result when debugging I get this: Here i see it’s getting the right time in the first row but below is also shown the Session time with time +2. In the DataGrid i got now shown the Session time and not the UTC time what i want. How can i fix that issue?
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Hello Nico,

If you intend to display the UTC time, ensure that the DateTime attribute is configured with "Localize: No".

According to the Mendix documentation:

"Utilize non-localized attributes in scenarios where you do not require the time component (e.g., birthdays) or when you want a date to appear identical worldwide."



DateTime values are stored UTC.

When DateTime attribute is localized (default) then;

  • At application server level the User > project > server time zone is applied. Depending which is configured.
  • Client side, the client timezone is applied.

When DateTime attribute is not localized then;

  • Database, Application server and client all respect UTC.


So my guess is, your attribute is not localized